Friday, August 14, 2009

Montana adventures

I have definitely been blessed to travel all over the world, but this filming trip for “Into the Wild” has allowed me to explore different aspects of one of my favorite states – Montana. My family, the crew, and I have trekked all over – seeing everything from animal sanctuaries to Glacier National Park. The animals have been absolutely wonderful, but the people who care for them are truly something special. The different organizations we visited are really making a difference in the animal world.

The Elk Sanctuary was amazing - over 500 acres and 20 mature bucks!

We filmed at the Rolling Dog Sanctuary - 30 blind dogs and 11 blind horses are currently thriving there, living happy lives. Rolling Dog takes in animals with birth defects or those that have suffered abuse – several of the animals are not only blind, but missing their eyes all together. Suzi and I feel in love with the sanctuary's welcoming committee - Trooper, a black lab with a neurological disorder.

My good friend Larry Wilson showed us around Charlotte Edkin's Animal Adoption Center. Larry introduced us to some of their wonderful animals. Let me tell you – it was hard to leave these puppies behind!