Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Columbus is #1 - 3 times!

The Columbus Crew (soccer) and the Columbus Zoo aren't the only #1s in town. Parent's Magazine recently honored COSI (Columbus's science museum for children) as the #1 science center in the country.

A few days ago, I was at COSI for a photo shoot to promote both the Zoo's and COSI's #1 status. They put me up on the high wire bike -- people tell me that elementary school kids do this all the time. Kids sure are brave, I was scared out of my mind!!! Thanks to Ron Foth Advertising for capturing the moment!


  1. You forgot another #1...The Columbus Metropolitan Library is also rated #1 in the nation. Congrats COSI. Congrats Columbus Zoo.

  2. I'm so grateful for the wonderful institutions in Columbus! Congrats to the Library!

  3. Jack, I know the physics, so I'm comfortable on the unicycle. Just don't ask me to hold a snake!

    Thanks for helping recognize all the #1s that Columbus region is blessed with!