Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rwandan Mountain Gorilla Trek

Wow! Being able to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is always an amazing experience. Here are some photos of me and my family on a gorilla trek yesterday where we saw a huge silverback, a mother with her two month old, a young fella having his lunch, and some more. Today we're dedicating a new Community Center in Gisenyi that serves homeless children, handicapped and otherwise challenged young people. Hope to post more pictures soon!


  1. Oh my goodness. That is incredible! I long to see God's creatures in the wilds of Africa someday! Can't wait for more pics!

  2. Fabulous photos! I can't even imagine what a breathtaking experience that must have been.

  3. Hi Jack, My daughter--one of the founders of the group,the Ungana Foundation--was SO PLEASED to learn of your generous support and influence for the Community Center in Gisenyi. She and her siblings LOVED watching you on your many animal shows as they grew up. And to know they are now linked with you in some small way, as they are helping the wonderful Rwandan and Congolese peolple in her beloved Northern Kivu area, pleases her no end. They have focused some of their efforts at the Center, as well as the Imabazi Ophanage and in other projects in and around Gisenyi.
    Thank you for your concern for both people and animals in the region. We are looking forward to the pictures you mentioned will be posted soon. Best Wishes.

  4. Do you take these pictures yourself, Jack? What are you shooting with here? Sorry, my husband and I really love photography. I would have loved to have seen some of these of the gorillas in grainy black and white film.

    They are beautiful creatures.

    Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm, especially to children. I watched your movies on VHS when I was a little girl! Now, I am using animals to teach my little boy, too.

  5. My wife, Suzi, actually took these photos. I thought she did a wonderful job!