Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

With a new year, comes a new resolution - mine is to be a better blogger! December was definitely a WILD month. My family and I bundled up and spent the holidays in Montana, and then to warm up we rang in the New Year in Pasadena for the Rose Parade (GO BUCKS!) Below are several photos taken during December - I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you so much for following my adventures and I hope you have a happy and healthy 2010!

Filming an Christmas Special the Maury Show. In this photo (a little blurry, sorry) you'll see me, Maury, my friend Tom Stalf from the Niabi Zoo, and an alpaca!
While on a scouting trip for Into the Wild, Suzi and I went on a dog sledding adventure in Olney, MT. We had such an amazing time - dogs certainly are amazing creatures!

Suzi and I with our three girls - Kathaleen, Suzanne, and Julie.

And since Sue and I didn't have any sons, thought you might enjoy this picture of me and my son in-laws (Billy and Julian) and grandsons (Blake and Jack). We were certainly blessed to be able to spend Christmas with our entire family. There is one thing for sure - never a dull moment with 13 people under one roof!
While in Pasadena for the Rose Parade, I took the whole family to Disneyland!
Gabriella, my granddaughter who lives in England, was so excited to meet a "real person" princess.

This year the Rain Bird float featured my favorite animal, the mountain gorilla. Isn't it beautiful!? The Rose Parade was especially fun this year with all of the Ohio State fans along the route.


  1. Love the pics! Happy New Year, Jack!

  2. You have a beautiful family! Looks like they had a lot of fun at Disney.

    My 7yo son and I loved this float! It was so interesting to see how they made the gorillas. It was our pick to win too :)

    Little guy is looking forward to coming to see your show in February in Greensburg.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Jack, love your appearances on Letterman, but tonight you gave out some misinformation. Please go to to learn about Lily the Black Bear. She just gave birth to her first cub in January - live on the first ever wild black bear birth captured on video/live web cam. She most definitely was NOT asleep for her cub's birth and she is now actively caring for her bear cub 24/7, responding to its every need during hibernation. You should hook up with the researchers there (Lynn Rogers & Sue Mansfield in Ely, MN) for amazing black bear information. They've been researching bears for 43 years. What a great segment for your "Into the Wild" show! - Laurie

  4. I want to thank everyone for watching Letterman. As many of you have pointed out, I provided inaccurate information about bear births during the show. The last time I did an in-depth interview with a bear researcher was several years ago, and at that time much less was known about bear births. In fact, as I mentioned, it was thought that bears slept through the birthing process (until more recently when researchers started mounting cameras in bear dens). I try to stay on top of the latest wildlife news, but I don’t always catch everything. Thanks for your constructive criticism, and I’ll try to be more thorough moving forward.

    I am pleased to see that Lily has so many fans. Technology sure has allowed for us humans to experience some incredible things.

    Thanks for everything you do to advocate for animals.