Friday, June 26, 2009

Goat Palace

Growing up, goats were my first pets, and I still love taking care of them today. I thought you might enjoy this photo of my goats' new jungle gym!


  1. Nice! Lucky goats!

    We just got back from Binder Park, Brookfield and Lincoln Park Zoos. Question for you--when the giraffes come back to Columbus, is there any chance we'd be able to feed them??

    Feeding giraffes has been the highlight of our Zoo Tour for me, and Binder Park was my favorite so far. I got to pet giraffes, feed giraffes, hug giraffes, even kiss a giraffe.

    So awesome.

  2. The new zoo experiences haven't been finalized yet, but feeding the giraffes is definitely soemthing that we are looking into!

  3. jack,
    thanks for such an awesome pic of your made me miss and i crossed paths a few times during my 10+ years spent at the zoo as a zooaide and as a seasonal at the barn and australiasia... my husband and boys recently made a trek back home and took a day at the gosh so much has changed since i left in 2000...i am so proud of the zoo crew you all have done an amazing job with home...and all my critters looked so happy! send hugs to all the crew and tell them to keep it up!
    -kelly (anderson) ahearn

  4. Hi Jack!

    My family had two pet goats while I was growing up near Carroll, Ohio. Their names were Popcorn and Flag. I remember them being great participants in games of cornfield tag! When we moved to the city, the Columbus Zoo adopted them to add to the petting zoo (at least that’s what my parents told us! I certainly have always been happy to think that’s where they ended up). This would have been late 80s or early 90s.

    At one of your many Jack Hanna and Zoo Friends appearances in Columbus, my husband and I once heard you mention the names of your childhood pet goats. Unfortunately, the names have completely slipped my mind! Can you remind me what yours were called? We are planning to add a new Dachshund to our family and were considering using one of your pet names.

    Thanks so much for all you’ve done for animals and for the Columbus Zoo!


  5. I didn't know you liked goats! I bet they really like this jungle gym. Some verticality! That kid at the top much be almost to cloud nine. More photos of your goats, please! Do you use them for dairy or pleasure?

  6. Dear Jack,
    I turned on the tv the other day and watched one of your kids shows where you took folks on a tour of your home and showed your goat jungle gym.. My ears perked up and when I saw the goats and the jungle gym a huge smile came on my face. I had a pet goat named Newbi when I was a child, from her birth to her death 16 years later she was the best friend a kid could have. She had a pretty nice goat yard, house and climbing stump but OH when I saw your jungle gym it just made me smile to think of how she would have loved it! Thanks for all you do for animals and for loving goats. I hope to someday have another little pack of goats when I get some land and I will build them one too! Lisa - San Diego

  7. Dear Jack,

    Do you have plans for the goat jungle or maybe what lumber you used. We have 30 pygmy goats--10 brand new babies. I would love to have one built for them. Thanks!