Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lighting up the sky

The Columbus Zoo looks absolutely magical this time of year! The colorful lights make the entire Zoo look as if it is glowing. I am so glad I will be at the Zoo again on Sunday, December 7 for an animal show so that I can stay late again to see the light show around the pond -- it's absolutely amazing! I saw the show for the first time last week and I couldn't believe my eyes! If you are lucky, you might even see me out on the Frozone ice skating rink trying not to fall!

Check out to find out more information or search your local zoo's website to see what holiday activities they are planning this season.


  1. The lights really are amazing this year. We went on Opening Night. A light snow started falling, and all the trees had a white dusting on them. It was gorgeous!!

    Congrats on joining the blogging world!

  2. wow that really is beautiful. i hope one day i can make it there to see it and you.