Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snakes, stingrays, and log rides...oh my!

Yesterday was an amazing day! I was fortunate to participate in the opening of the Wildlife World Zoo's new aquarium -- the only aquarium in the state of Arizona. I love this zoo and it has been so much fun to see it change and grow over the years. It is truly one of the finest zoo's in the country, with Arizona's largest collection of animals, and definitely should be a family destination! My wife Suzi and my daughter Julie were with me and I know they love it as much as I do -- even when they got a little wet on the new log ride!

Abbie, an albino python from the Wildlife World Zoo, joined me on stage. She is quite a handful -- it takes three people to hold her!

I love talking to audience members after my presentations-- It's great to see the enthusiasm that they have about the animals and conservation.
WOW! The zoo's log ride goes through the aquarium and along the way you see three primate islands!

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